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#Yemen – #SEMC is announcing of Transparency and Information disclosure Award in the private, public institutions and civil society

Written by Mohammed Nasr on Monday, 12 December 2011 17:38

Media Center of Youth Revolution




Studies & Economic Media Center (SEMC) announced adaptation for theTransparency and Information disclosure Award in the private,  public institutions and civil society according to criteria and mechanisms developed by a group of experts in transparency and fighting corruption in Yemen.

” The award will be granted according to objective criteria derived from the guide which consider a reference for implementing the criteria of transparency and information disclosure, thus contributing in promote public, private institution and civil society to meet the requirements of good governance”  said Mustafa Nasr chairman of SEMC in the celebration of The Launching the Guide of Transperancy and Information Disclosure which implmented by SEMC in cooperation with UNDP and SNACC.

In his side, the director of Support Transparency and Good Governance
Project in UNDP Hassan Al-Ansi considering – the contribution of UNDP in
Yemen in producing the Guide of transparency and information disclosure- as a
quality adding for the activities of the UNDP in Yemen. He also asserted  that
this guide and in addition to the  guide of  planning and control of budgets of
local resources are as seed need for care in order to contribute in
strengthen partnership, exchange expertise and technical support to reach
to transparent environment work and repellent for all Corrupt practices.

Al-Ansi said that enhancing transparency is  essential requirements for the
application of principle of accountability to ensure integrity in
management the public resources and all parties are responsible for that as
government, public and private sectors, Media and NGO.

Dr Saeed Abdulmuamen explained in his presentation in the name of the guide
team the guide components as the principle of transparency, international
criteria and mechanisms to implementing transparency in public and private
sectors, Media and NGO. He explained that the guide developed a mechanisms to
enhance transparency in the state budget, and included an important part
for the application of standards and mechanisms for transparency in the
extractive industries and the roles of parliament, government and civil
society organizations and media in this aspect.

The launching of the guide run in the celebration of the International
Anti-Corruption Day which organized by UNDP in Yemen in cooperation with
SNACC with participation of senior officials in the authority responsible
of fighting corruption. The ceremony included working meetings focused on
the roles of the sectors specialized in fighting corruption.

The ceremony distinguished with participation of the representatives from
NGO and youth whom explained their vision in fighting corruption and giving
suggestions for active partnership in the future.

12 December 2011


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