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In #Yemen, you can buy major police presence for your personal use

This was filmed in Republic of Yemen, Aden, police were paid bribes and arrived with mafia elements of the Belediyah and fire live on a tourist construction project. As explained in the previous video, Yemen Aden Mafia, elements in the Belediyah took bribes and first imprisoned the Manager. (The large amount of money paid by AlHureibi was shared out by the Belediyah and police, and police were watched by eye witnesses being handed out the money immediately upon return to the police station after completing the job, however as scuffles broke out between them at least 5 officers were imprisoned as punishment by their superiors.)

In the video, the bulldozer approaches our newly built wall that AlHureibi and his partner Abdullah BaBilgaith want to knock down, several police in uniform move quickly behind it, shooting starts, the person videoing (the Manager’s brother) moves back from the window and throws down the mobile device, shouting out to another person “come here Adil”, voices of women and children can be heard inside the building.

Police present were from two police stations, AlQaluu’ah and AlTawahi, upon orders from Mohammed AbdulKarim Jubari who was later the prime subject for an arrest warrant issued by the Court (video Yemen Aden Corruption) to Aden Central Security. The police were heavily armed and opened fire on the house in a show of force, because local people embarrassingly held them off peacefully since the morning and they were unable to complete the illegal demolition until firing live towards the house in the afternoon. All in all, about 50 police were there without proper legal procedure. In this video, at least 17 can be see, in dark green uniform and armed with AK47 standard issue. They were also lined up beyond the view of the video right up to the lighthouse (outside the left of the video), and all the way down to the Sheraton Hotel (along the road out of view looking ahead out of the window). Such a major police presence requires special license in Yemen terrorism operations, but this being Yemen, you can also buy such a presence through the back door for your own personal purpose if you pay the right price. Such is the power and authority of bribes, as their non-secret handout was witnessed.

In a twist, watching this video one can also understand why Mohammed Abdul Karim Jubari oddly wanted the order for his arrest to go to the Aden Police, and not Aden Central Security nor the Military Police, because his friends are in AlQaluu’ah and AlTawahi police stations. Corruption is very intricate in Yemen, and in this way justice can even be avoided after even major crimes.

ايمن-عدن اتت البلدياة من القلوعة مع الشيوال و ٥٠ شرطة من قسم القلوعة و قسم التواهي بدون ترخيص رسمي بعد استلام الرشاوى من صالح الحريبي، في الفيديو تشاهد ١٧ من الشرطة المسلحة بالعوالي و الشيوال يقترب نهاية الى السور الذي يريد تكسيره الحريبي الراشي ثم الشرطة يطلق الرصاص تجاه البيت و فيه نساء و اطفال

و ربما نفهم من هذا الفيديو لمذا محمد عبد الكريم جباري /مدير عام المجلس المحلي يريد يحتبس على يد الشرطة و ليس على يد الامن المركزي، اذا الشرطة العادية من
اصحابه كونه مدير المجلس المحلي


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