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Fatima Hussein Badi – Questioned without legal representation & threatened with rape, she now faces death penalty

Amnesty: why the pen is mightier than the sword

The ObserverSunday 27 November 2011

Fatima Hussein Badi, 48, housewife, Yemen

Convicted after an unfair trial, Fatima was sentenced to death in 2001 for the murder of her husband, Hamoud Ali al-Jalal.

After the murder was committed, police reportedly questioned her for more than five hours during the night, without a lawyer present. They threatened to rape her unless she confessed to the crime.

To save her from being raped, her brother Abdullah decided to say that he had murdered Hamoud. He was executed in 2005.

According to Amnesty, Fatima had no legal representation for many of her trial hearings and was prevented from speaking in court. She has now been imprisoned for more than 10 years and is living under threat of imminent execution. Amnesty is calling on the vice-president of Yemen to commute Fatima’s death sentence.

The Olympic silver-medal-winning cyclist Emma Pooley is also supporting her cause. “Over the past 50 years we have found that such campaigns can have a very powerful effect on presidents and generals when they realise that the world is watching them. And it’s much harder to let an abuse continue when you know the eyes of the world are on you,” she says.


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