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26/11/11 – #Germany issues arrest warrants and imposes asset freeze on #Yemen’i officials via Sawha Net

26/11/2011 –
Sahwa Net– Germany has imposed an asset freeze and travel ban on some senior Yemeni officials, Gulf media reports said. The reports said that some of those officials are receiving treatment in Berlin.


The reports said that Germany issued arrest warrant against some officials, pointing out that some officials have large assets in German Banks. They said that among the officials who have those assets Rashad Alalim, Deputy Prime Minister, who possesses Euro 800 millions and $ 300 million, Media Secretary of President Ali Abdbulah Saleh who has $ 800 million.The reports also stated that the brother of Sana’a Governor Noman Dowaid has an asset of $ 240 million


Meanwhile, Yemeni protesters have been demanding the Security Council to impose asset freeze on Saleh and his conies and refer all those responsible for killing of peaceful protesters to the International Criminal Court.

For its part, The Human Rights Watch has called on the Security Council to impose an asset freeze and a travel ban on President Ali Abdullah Saleh and other senior officials responsible for these previous attacks on civilians when it meets November 28 to discuss the crisis in Yemen.

 HRW also asked the Security Council to dissociate itself from the portion of an agreement that Saleh signed on November 23 that offers the president and other top officials’ immunity for serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law in exchange for leaving office.  “The army’s indiscriminate shelling in Taizz shows President Saleh’s brazen disregard for the lives of Yemeni civilians right up to the time he signed a deal to transfer power,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Because President Saleh’s signature is only as good as the actions that follow, concerned governments and the UN Security Council should still impose targeted sanctions until these unlawful attacks stop and hold Yemeni authorities accountable.”


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