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@TawakkolKarman’s Women Journalists Without Chains – 2nd Media Monitoring Report on #Corruption in #Yemen – 2008

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2 thoughts on “@TawakkolKarman’s Women Journalists Without Chains – 2nd Media Monitoring Report on #Corruption in #Yemen – 2008

  1. Tawakol Karman is a corrupted person. Hypocrisy is her middle name. She wants to bring the dictator Saleh down for his corruption, yet, she steals thousands of dollars through international media. She is, like Saleh, powerhungry. She wants power, she craves it, like her. It’s as if her is her Sensei. I want BOTH of them to leave the country. She has no right to become anything, that noble prize is staged from the international media because they just love these cliche stories of closeted women rebelling. Do they really give a crap about the Middle East? Uhh, I don’t see them DOING any actions, well except for handing out awards.

    Posted by FightForYE | November 22, 2011, 11:26 am
    • Dear @FightForYE,
      This site strives to produce only substantiated material and documents pertaining to corruption. It is our wish to provide a neutral, and thus more powerful message of the extent of corruption present in Yemen.
      Whilst we appreciate your dedication in uncovering corruption in any form, we also take note that your comment is your own personal view and in this, we strongly encourage you to provide sources and documents before commenting on the integrity of any public or private figure.

      Kind regards,
      Team Yemen Exposed

      Posted by yemenexposed | November 22, 2011, 2:59 pm

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