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Oct. 2010 – Corruption scandal revealed in S’adah’s local water institutions via #Yemen Observer

Written By: Iscander al-Mamari
Article Date: Oct 12, 2010

Studies & Economic Media Center (SEMC) revealed corruption scandals at Local Water Institution in Sa’adah province costing the government YR 100 million.

Documents delivered by (SEMC) to the Supreme National Committee for Combating Corruptions claims that Institution’s administration gave tenders with high prices to contractors as trucks for transfer diesel cost 77 million riyals, manipulating in revenues with supply materials that are not identical to specifications, also they didn’t supply some categories specified in the treasury receipt bills and instead exchanged it for cash.

The center refers in letter to the Board that the Institutions› Administration canceled tenders for importing and installing iron pipes and gave it to one of contractors in the amount of YR 24 million.

Documents confirm that stored materials cost more than USD 150,000 are not yet supplied, also all stored types are not supplied for most of investment projects implemented during the previous stage.

The documents pointed out that more than YR 21 million riyals were paid to one of the staff of investment programs according to the order of management adding that YR 6 million spent for purchasing oils and fuels to run generators and pumps during three months of last year, in spite of the Red Crescent providing the institution with 39.000 liters of diesel during the same period.

(SEMC) requested the corruption combating authorities to investigate the issue and to quickly deal with the suspects in order to gain the confidence of people.


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