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Dec 2010 #SNACC refers suspects & Parliament receives report on corruption in 5th Fisheries project via #Yemen Observer

via Yemen Observer
Written By: Abdul-Aziz Oudah
Article Date: Dec 29, 2010

The Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption “SNACC” has referred one of the suspects in the corruption case of the High Authority for Drugs and a number of officials in some institutions to prosecution in coordination with the Criminal Investigation Department.

The charges include the theft of documents of one the governmental institutions, forging an official document to use it for obtaining legal benefits, making false statements for gaining rights, and forgery of a seal in the name of the Supreme Authority for Drugs and using it to seize public money amounting to YR 148 milliom.

SNACC   has also referred a number of suspects from the General Authority for Historical Cities Preservation to prosecution to complete procedures to bring them to trial in accordance with the law because they have been proven to have committed crimes of corruption.

The crimes are realized in the theft of public money, estimated to be YR 4 million as well as the theft of government documents from the General Authority for Historical Cities Preservation.

In a related issue a recent Yemeni parliamentary report has revealed a corruption amounting to Million dollars at the fifth fishery project which aims at addressing the dysfunctions facing the fisheries sector due to the large number of foreign fleets that work in the fishing area.

According to the report, the achievements of the project which is established in 2006 didn’t exceed 20 percent despite the irrational spending of the allocations which amount to $ 32 million, donated by the World Bank and the European Union.

The projects executed by project’s management are not compatible to  the agreed constituents which include support of the fishery research and studies, rehabilitation of fishery ports, improvement of fish landing and processing sites, provision of fishery administration system, quality control and development of cooperative societies.

The report concluded that the fishery corporations didn’t receive the  support allocated to them, accusing the project’s management of operating with a closed administrative mentality which cost the state a large financial burden.


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