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U.S. Foreign Senate Report – Maximising the Effectiveness of U.S Security Assistance to #Yemen (&Lebanon) January 2010 cc @SenJohnMcCain

Anyone else wondering if they heeded their own words?

In light of the above concerns about the Yemeni Armed Forces’ use of U.S. security assistance against the Houthis, the USG should develop a more robust end-use monitoring regime for Yemen, and for any other country where there is ongoing armed conflict in which U.S.-provided CT resources could be diverted.10 In addition, in accordance with OMC’s recommendations, DSCA, the Department of State, and OMC should conduct a thorough review of physical security and accountability procedures at the YSOF compound, making improvements a condition for further U.S. military assistance. A DSCA- appointed and -funded team should be sent to Yemen TDY to assist in this review. DSCA-OMC Process Problems: OMC reported numerous breakdowns in communications with DSCA. As OMC representatives put it, ‘‘DSCA needs to be revamped. It needs to be more accountable to Embassies.’’ This observation tracks with findings in a recent report issued jointly by the Inspectors-General of the Departments of State and Defense on Section 1206 assistance, which pointed to numerous instances of problems in information flow between DSCA and those who are responsible for security assistance at foreign embassies. Such problems concerned the status of assistance actually delivered, and even the quantity of materiel agreed in contracts.


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