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TelCom C° LatinNode pleads guilty to Bribery (incl. in #Yemen) and Agrees to Pay $2M Fine. #Saleh son cleared by #SNAAC (2009)


Latin Node also had dealings with TeleYemen, a government-owned carrier in Yemen, through an unnamed agent, who could “facilitate” an interconnection agreement. He could obtain favorable rates because of close relationships with the son of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the President of Yemen, and because he paid “commissions” to officials of TeleYemen. In March 2004, a revenue sharing agreement was made with this partner, under which Latin Node received 60 per cent of the profits, with most of the remaining 40 per cent being passed to officials of TeleYemen. These were identified as the Minister of Telecommunications and the Vice-President for Operations in internal communications. In 2005 and 2006, seventeen payments totaling approximately $1,150,654 were made directly or via the partner to Yemeni officials. Executives in Latin Node were aware of and authorized the bribes to officials.

In Yemen, the Supreme National Authority for Combating Corruption (SNACC) is responsible for implementing the national strategy against corruption and its commitments as a signatory to UNCAC.
It ordered investigations into the individuals identified as having received bribes from Latin Node, including requesting mutual legal assistance from US authorities. SNACC quickly denied any involvement of the President’s son, based on enquires conducted by the ICT Ministry, but has yet to indict any officials.Separately, SNAAC opened investigations into decisions on the periods of exemption from profit tax granted to two wireless carriers: SabaFon and MTN. SNACC cannot investigate ministers and members of parliament until their immunity, under the Constitution, has been lifted, which has very seldom happened.

From SNAAC WEBSITE : An official source in the Anti-Corruption Commission that it does not close or distant relationship to the son of the President of the Republic and as reported by international media and local about his involvement in receiving bribes from a U.S. telecommunications company .. The source explained, in a statement to the unit, that the preliminary investigations of the body of the reality of the documents received from the Ministry of Communications and stand on the collection and Vhcef all relevant documents .. Indicated beyond any doubt to the non-relationship with the son of the President on the subject. The source pointed out that the investigations and preliminary inquiries conducted by the Anti-Corruption Commission .. Nominated involvement (6) people in the organization of the telecommunications company TeleYemen in the crime of bribery and who hold positions of general managers and below. The source added that the sum of bribes received by them and the amount of one million one hundred and eleven thousand dollars. The source confirmed that the process of addressing the U.S. company and the relevant U.S. authorities to clarify the details of the bribes and demanded a list of names that have dealt with it in the telecommunications sector in our country, as well as all documents relating to the process and ascertain which he said .. This was the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has continued with the officials of the Anti-Corruption Commission and informed them of the procedures that have been taken .. Where the Authority received from the ministry all the documents related to the company’s U.S. Communications for examination and stand on the realities of last Sunday .. Preparation for the Anti-Corruption 
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