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@GlobalIntegrity REPORT: #YEMEN – 2010

The officer said that a portion of the goods that were donated by Gulf countries and the United Nations and were supposed to be delivered to IDPs was in fact distributed to soldiers fighting the rebels in the war zones. The mission of the goods went from easing the suffering of the victims of war to feeding the war itself. “We used to get sleeping bags, intended for the victims, so we could sleep in them,” he said. The sleeping bags were delivered by Army vehicles and staffers.


This peer-reviewed country report includes:

Integrity Indicators Scorecard: Scores, scoring criteria, commentary, references, and peer review perspectives for more than 300 Integrity Indicators.

Reporter’s Notebook: An on-the-ground look at corruption and integrity from a leading local journalist.

Corruption Timeline: Ten years of political context to today’s corruption and integrity issues.


Yemen’s overall performance on the Global Integrity Report: 2010 is very weak and has significantly declined from the last time the country was covered. Yemen rates poorly on both the existence of legal provisions to prevent or deter corruption as well as their actual implementation. It is difficult to identify well-functioning anti-corruption mechanisms or institutions in Yemen, although the country’s Supreme Audit Institution represents a mild bright spot despite its own serious deficiencies. Major challenges remain in promoting a free media that can aggressively report on corruption; encouraging transparency around political financing; enforcing effective conflicts of interest safeguards across all branches of government; and protecting the independence of the civil service, law enforcement agencies, and the judiciary. Yemen’s budgetary process is non-transparent and lacks effective oversight from the legislature. Absent far reaching social, economic, and political reforms, it is difficult to see a path forward on meaningful governance reforms in the country.



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