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Corruption in #Yemen’s cement sector exposed

Yemen Corporation for Cement Industry & Marketing (YCC) A widening investigation corruption in Yemen’s cement industry is underway, the head of the country’s Supreme National Anti-Corruption Commission revealed. – might be interesting to look into this:

YCC is a public corporation which established in 1983 directs the three plants Bajil, Amran and Al-Barah. The aim of finding YCC is mainly to develop the national economy by the following: 

a-     Establishing and administering   cement plants and marketing their production.

b-    Coming out with studies and researches in order to develop the cement industry in Yemen.

c-     Supervising the local cement market and take the necessary actions to ensure the balance cement market.

The board of Directors of YCC is formed of 11 members who represent various ministries that possess close links with YCC’s activities. The Board of Directors is responsible to supervise, direct, draw policies and  approve the plans and programs that lead to the achievement of YCC aims in accordance to the existing rules. The current Board of Directors is formed of the following members:



Formal Position

Position in Broad of Directors


Mr. Amin I. Alshaibani

Chairman of YCC


Tel: +967-1-264139/7
Mr. Mohammed Shonif

  Deputy Chairman


Tel: +967-1-264139/7
Mr. Kahtan Alnadri

Deputy Chairman for Commercial affairs


Tel: +967-1-264139/7
Mr. Ahmed Alhlali

Deputy Chairman for cost & finance affairs


Tel: +967-1-264139/7
Mr. Abdulkarim Horab

General Manager for Bajil Cement Plant


Tel: +967-3-500295
Mr. Khaled Almaqdami

General Manager for Amran Cement Plant


Tel: +967-7-600570/1/2
Dr. Hussin Almlasi

General Manager for Al-BurhCement Plant


Tel: +967-4-355006/8/9
 Mr. Ali M. Almatri

Representative of Ministry of Planning & Development


Tel: +967-1-264139/7
Mr. Abdulellah Shaiban

Representative of Ministry of Industry & trade


Tel: +967-1-264139/7
Mr. Abdulrhman Ali

Representative of Ministry finance


Tel: +967-1-264139/7
Dr. Mohammed Abdulhkim

  Secretary of Broad


Tel: +967-1-264139/7

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